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💎 Subscribe for more awesome Unturned content! 🖥 Get your own Unturned Server! https://www.hostturned.com/ ► Revenge guys, revenge.. ►Subscribe if you are new to this channel and help me to reach my goal, the 10k soon! :) ► Server: MeLikeBigBoom's Official Server (Gold Only) IP: Port: 27042 ► Sub to TheJers: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4L74PqqtZsFZvJz3TWK5Yw/videos ► Background Music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3E549Bu6yb8 Intro Music: Abstract - Neverland ►P9nda on Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/p9nda ►►P9nda on Twitter: https://twitter.com/P9nda_ ►P9nda on Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/p9nda/ ►► P9nda Group on Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/p9nda/groups/
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Text Comments (1221)
Fizz Rocket (12 days ago)
My base cant survive the first night!!! How is this possible?!
Dillibag Gaming & More (15 days ago)
PugPun (24 days ago)
Step one for making a base : *put all your ammo and explosives on the easiest to raid room*
Saiyan Gamer (1 month ago)
That is the first video i wached of this channel and im a fan
Spooking (2 months ago)
Such a well optimized game
Jack Andy (2 months ago)
the owners of the base are hackers
Zerviot. (2 months ago)
Dang you raided with jers.
Spr ite (2 months ago)
If I raided this base I would not raid it I would be amazed because they sorted there things and I have no words
GenericKenan :/ (2 months ago)
Ante (3 months ago)
JanoPL (3 months ago)
Is my base 8(
NightBot _ (3 months ago)
that was my friends base :(( and they thought i told u that they got alot of loot. So i got kicked out from the clan.
corvus arctos (3 months ago)
#raid. It was so funny at the point p9nda saw the wall full of weapons and started caughing. I was so dead because u laughed so much 🤣🤣🤣
MlfOOns (3 months ago)
Oh, memories... <3
Ravi7z (4 months ago)
Antanas Suchockis (4 months ago)
snklv kopycki (4 months ago)
whats the ip ??????????????
SuncaCuMustar 1 (4 months ago)
What name have this grip | / \ for sniper
yancy Amon (4 months ago)
I sub I'm part of, p9aarmy
ROGERpeñask8 skate (4 months ago)
base hack
Arnel Crucillo (4 months ago)
Blow up the whowl base
Ethan Davis (4 months ago)
noice im subscribing
Anderson Prior (4 months ago)
Damn. If this was on my server, I would load everything onto a C-17 for one giant heist. Now how badass would that be 🙃
P a d o r u (5 months ago)
Holy shit i never thought this was real. I thought its just clickbait. Guess P9nda proved me wrong yet again :).
Ege Uzun (5 months ago)
the view model sucks
PATRIC STAR (5 months ago)
Unturned is a rigged game, it doesn't work for mac users.
gronk beastmode8712 (6 months ago)
HJSH RECORDS (6 months ago)
I love the way when he gets shocked/happy he goes huuuuuuuuuuuu 😂❤
[UOR]Twilighr Sparkle (6 months ago)
TheLtuGamer (7 months ago)
Did you see MyLikeBigBoom joined
Tokyo Ghoul (7 months ago)
This is like a Minecraft version of Rust.
Child Of Odin (7 months ago)
Modern day Vikings with guns nothing more fun than taking something your enemy busted their ass for and destroying all their hard work
P9nda I actually love your old intro notice this and put it back pls
Dayver PL (7 months ago)
cecil preston (7 months ago)
rest tend deep hgcyyy grace exit existing constantly orientation lot.
Blue Blurry Gaming (8 months ago)
Panda that was a bad idea thier gonna get u back
swiftarrow117 (8 months ago)
Ashex d (8 months ago)
Quiero mi <3 ಠ‿↼
Capitals Wife (8 months ago)
Is this Roblox ???
Alleng Chakma (8 months ago)
Fuckin you for raiding my base it took me to make and. Sort this shit it took 1 year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Красава лайк
21skyleader21 (8 months ago)
Brett Pluta (8 months ago)
This reminds me of an episode of The Walking Dead
Coination XD (8 months ago)
TheRobotGuy (8 months ago)
p9nda are you xP9nda?
STRVNDXD (9 months ago)
Raptorek (9 months ago)
Who's watching in 2018? :D
XBlazingFireFox (9 months ago)
This prob was the worst raid i seen u do man :( it was so sloppy and unprofessionally done compare to yo others.
Memester PC (9 months ago)
So this is what rust looks like on low graphics settings...
GloozY (9 months ago)
Wtf dude
Knight Taylor (9 months ago)
Fogolol !! (9 months ago)
this is the reason why i prefer playing with friends on a private server. No risk of losing all my hard work.
Kyl Gaming (9 months ago)
if i were there i will get all the cool rifles
i Flipz Tv (9 months ago)
michael pareno (10 months ago)
nice p9nda idol im your big fan
Ognjen Radojkovic (10 months ago)
Noo that is my base
MK Wraith (10 months ago)
Imagine if they get all this and then step 1 foot outside and die
Shia Labeouf (10 months ago)
"Hmmmmm... we got a.... nate?"
jepini jepini (10 months ago)
the guys had a claimflag but you can place charges on the wall creepy
NoachHD (10 months ago)
Peter panda
wow (10 months ago)
Wtf 600k views almost 400k da fuck
TedRecon (10 months ago)
Why am i even here LOL this looks like a minecraft faction raid LOL
Kill me (5 months ago)
AssassinOfGermany (10 months ago)
There gonna be very very pissed...
Weaky - (10 months ago)
FC_Meep (10 months ago)
Xeman Theory (10 months ago)
Ive played on one of TheJers servers before with my buddies, made a big base. Point is ive seen him show up on the server before
Common_ Moss (10 months ago)
Kevin (10 months ago)
666K views wtf
Epic Fires (10 months ago)
I love your accent <3 Good video
buckleyjp (10 months ago)
#raid I also love turtles 🐢
John Gate (10 months ago)
how do you build an underground base
UG - kadir yılmaz (11 months ago)
Abi türkmüsün
michael pareno (11 months ago)
soo nerd
Skate King663 (11 months ago)
I had abase just like the metal one be side mine he tride raidin me so i raided him and he rage quit
RileyGames (11 months ago)
Hunt3r v2 (11 months ago)
Base raid in unturned is lamest thing ever ...
Kodi Jenner (11 months ago)
karl kristjan Naissoo (11 months ago)
for everyone whos wonderin whats the inro then its abscrat neverland like if this heplped
Hong Tran (11 months ago)
p9nda yo you my freind on steam i will send message to you on vanilla server
Corigan and Hayden (11 months ago)
Corigan and Hayden (11 months ago)
D: My base..
HAADI OMG (11 months ago)
best fucking cool raid
Fallen-Bom (11 months ago)
Wich gamee is thiz
N3ON no LL (11 months ago)
I like potatoes
Kevin Lohnes (11 months ago)
PiloManSk (11 months ago)
can i join ur crew and base?
BEN dunville (11 months ago)
Additionals (11 months ago)
new intro?
ŁɢNツSirePleb (11 months ago)
Stalinium (11 months ago)
No one in the base=not man enough
Demnutz (11 months ago)
Is this game auto save?
Ramzkie Bandilla (11 months ago)
Panda its me clydeeo
Jassimca2 Xd (11 months ago)
I wont all of the wepons man
Hadi Atout (11 months ago)
Awsome raid dude
supremely idk (1 year ago)
u best P9ada
Brandon Martin (1 year ago)
bet that was fun
Malte FK (1 year ago)
Hashtag raid

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