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THE OUTPOST - New Rust Monument

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Text Comments (391)
Mr Gorilla (16 days ago)
There is a tier 2 vending machine
Opaux (2 months ago)
What song name at around 5:40-06:00 ?
Dawson (4 months ago)
How do i pocket my gun in rust?
Shannon Smith (8 months ago)
Clans can us that space to settle their differences. When u think about it, it can be a place used as a town hall and a democratic place
Prius facebook mom (10 months ago)
oooooohhhhh image apartments you can rent/buy on the rooftops
Alfredo Sarmiento (10 months ago)
You should research yo shit b4 showing it off... so you don't sound dumb. You will get flaged for 5mins if you attack anyone .. so you won't be able to kill and loot.
quete inrpot (10 months ago)
Someone should go full Negan, round up a couple of saviors and siege the fuck out of this place. It should start with a cinematic and a full Negan like speech.
Savage God (10 months ago)
winter are you streaming today ?
DynastySheep (10 months ago)
They should have added a tank that would roam around the outpost.. it would eliminate campers from the outside.
Cyclone (10 months ago)
can u blow the place up
J Gould (10 months ago)
can you raid the safe zone? that would be dope
Scown (10 months ago)
GUYS watch out.. i heard there where Death Claws lurking around in that small town spot :O
WHORE (10 months ago)
here comes all the role players
KeZaYa (10 months ago)
Fallout 4 feel hmm
1233344 (10 months ago)
If you take someone stuff the turret shoots you
Tavio Morales (10 months ago)
What’s the song in the beginning?
Kevin Taylor (10 months ago)
Has anyone try using a supply drop in an outpost yet?
Uriah Siner (10 months ago)
The vending machines need to have rotating stock rather than unlimited of the same stuff. Having rotating stock in limited quantities will induce competition both of people rushing to the safe zone to catch something they need as well as players creating their own shops to offer what the safe zone might not.
Kid Fox (10 months ago)
Reminds me of my primary school tag games, there was always that one mate of mine that when he got chased to the point of exhaustion he would just run into the bath room and sit on the toilet lock the cubicle or drop an tie his shoe up, sometimes even “trip” over and pretend he was hurt. What correlation does this have? Someone is getting hunted they just run in the outpost and the hunters fuck off
The_Boot (10 months ago)
The premise doesn't fit with the game. It would of been more acceptable if ot was a clan with distinct uniform similar to barter town in mad max. It detracts from the survival element, and doesn't fit with the back story in my opinion. Its speeding up end game again larger groups spamming the recycler and learning all tier one items in a few hours. In relative safety. Looks awful to. Would be cool as an end game event where you had to raid it. You choose to defend it with the AI or attack it. The whole server joining in to storm its walls ladders, C4... the scientist calling for heli and bradley support, re supplied by chinook. One last mad dash to finally get off the island only to wash onto another one and have to repeat all over again. Each week the vending machines and work benches should increase s tier the final week offering rocket launchers and AK's that would be epic
Maxx Smart (10 months ago)
Aye! x-ray ak skin fam
Green TE4M (10 months ago)
place sleeping bag near, kill someone with loot inside, let them kill you, spawn and go for your loot
Kaden Corbett (10 months ago)
we know that youre not on a server with actual people, you have no ammo for your AK and no meds
Daniel Hammer (10 months ago)
looks great. but wont it ruin player trading a bit?
Zach B (10 months ago)
Yer marked for death for 5 minutes if you loot something that's not yers or pull out yer weapon n kill someone. The turrets will auto-agro you during that time.
Avilo PH (10 months ago)
hello im a giant fan i just wanna watch ur vids every day but i dont have that game :( but im still happy u play it :D
Pump (10 months ago)
damn that low grade tho it is very profitable to buy it u get 25 for 5 scrap
Lucius Avenus (10 months ago)
imma make the midget mayor and sherrif, and paint this town red
Phoenix Fury (10 months ago)
The new fallout texture pack looks wack, fam.
THE PLEB LIFE (10 months ago)
547 people own rust. 3 people playing right now.. my god the devs killed this game
8-bit Scenario (10 months ago)
What’s the name of the song? I’ve dug through the channel and their SoundCloud for atleast and hour and couldn’t find it.
Silver HvH Noob (10 months ago)
What if someone put walls around the entire safezone ?
Neggar Joe (10 months ago)
Are we ever going to see anymore life is feudal? It was really good fun Ser Winter.
Rick T (10 months ago)
No need to jump someone inside the outpost, just camp outside and jump them when they exit!
Vladislav Starikov (10 months ago)
What’s going to stop people from just camping the entrance
Strider (10 months ago)
Looks like some Walking Dead shit
Fiz (10 months ago)
So much misinformation in this video. 1. You cant loot bodies no matter what (unless its your own) 2. You cant open the recycler when someone else has it opened. 3. You cannot hide in a corner and shoot, if you pull a weapon while in the "Safe Zone" you will receive a 5 second warning to put your gun away.
Kehmicals (10 months ago)
Background song playing at 3:15 ?
Void (10 months ago)
someone took my bp and scrap at the research table T-T
Void (10 months ago)
no but yes
GlassesBanddiitt (10 months ago)
rustopia right? i am remember u name :P there is a bug with this shit
Li The Gamer (10 months ago)
Can you destroy the turrets?
Adam Halpin (10 months ago)
Oscar Gharibnavaz (10 months ago)
Its gonna be so camped
A Person (10 months ago)
Whats the name of the song at the start?
Pit Coll (10 months ago)
when u use a recycler it says thats in use and u cant enter thats how u keep your loot
Chipy (10 months ago)
No ladder hatch?
Ariel Malone (10 months ago)
I sexually identify as a naked
antony lawson (10 months ago)
the vends should give bps not items
AtlasGamez (10 months ago)
Why does this look like a fallout rip off?
TheMultipleGamer17 (10 months ago)
great addition to the game i dont play but i watch enough of rust lol...not saying i know everything about the game and whats good for it..keep the good vids coming winter
Oppiko (10 months ago)
people are gonna surround this place and just kill everyone that comes out
Matt Robinson (10 months ago)
nice video!
Green Toes (10 months ago)
The price of rust in our country is $15 US
Green Toes (10 months ago)
Play with Max Mears
Furrnox (10 months ago)
So now there's enemy & friendly scientists? Seems a bit lame couldn't they think of some other faction to be friendly? I hope it's just place holder.
TheFinalRing (10 months ago)
Reminds me of Freeside in Fallout NV
EmKewlDud YT (10 months ago)
*Try to raid it*
Luke Smith (10 months ago)
EmKewlDud YT chaos will go crazy explosions and gun fire
EmKewlDud YT (10 months ago)
Glaydson Coelho Yeah same. It would be a massive raid
Glaydson Coelho (10 months ago)
EmKewlDud YT I really would like to see a Zerg clan try to raid the place.
Atrocious Aquatic Mammal (10 months ago)
Could heli attack people inside the outpost?
myke (10 months ago)
this looks like terminus from the walking dead
Swifty (10 months ago)
They should make it so everyone spawns in at the outpost
MadJack Cider (10 months ago)
Thanks Winter for beating Shadowfrax to this update. Looks really good. I can see a lot of new people or Noobs building near Outpost.
Young3Choppa (10 months ago)
you the man!
KevInKobe (10 months ago)
Makes me want to play fallout.
The Trickner (10 months ago)
What’s a BP
Danny Jandali (10 months ago)
people just gonna camp outside lmao
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Otter Box (10 months ago)
Why are you just talking about the oil refinery and large furnace? What about the fucking lamp for only 5 fucking scrap. That is game changing right there
Spicy Spency (10 months ago)
I like this!
Tilanol (10 months ago)
I'm sure it's already been said 100 times now, but you can't loot other bodies or sleepers in the safe zone. Also people can't loot the recycler/refinery while you have it opened. ALSO, the scientist will HUNT you to death if you kill someone or break the rules in anyway, even after you leave and/or die. They will chase you for the rest of the wipe, if not forever after that.
Hayden Motto (10 months ago)
Hope outpost gets new safety/ hopefully autoturrets
Pierce The Matt (10 months ago)
Athios (10 months ago)
Are the buildings accessible?
Joe Koslow (10 months ago)
And people still talk about dayz maybe coming back Dispicable. Rust has gone above and beyond
Tobiwolf (10 months ago)
WHY ??? you forgot to see it you can blow up turrets on blow up wending machines
Jack The Lad (10 months ago)
Sminstes (10 months ago)
Can you blow up the sentrys?
Corn (10 months ago)
Make a vid with vertigo again ples
MisterMacLag (10 months ago)
The outpost Looks like FALLOUT omg
Miles Foret (10 months ago)
That's gonna get abused.
Killer Tyler (10 months ago)
camp the safe-zone i will not tell people
Doxive (10 months ago)
I have two questions: Can you break the turrets and do the vending machines refill?
Connor Atchley (10 months ago)
Just camp outside to kill people leaving and coming...
Congruent Crib (10 months ago)
I hope that there is a mechanic where if you kill someone in or around the outpost you will be tracked by scientist, and from there if you enter the outpost area you would be killed (last 3 hours)
Congruent Crib (10 months ago)
Looks like Fallout NV and Fallout 4! Love it
Strictorc185638 Orc (10 months ago)
wait i tought i was watching vertigo well this is good aswell
Pickles og (10 months ago)
If you can break the turrets it will be cool to have an army raid an out post for no other reason but its cool
Strictorc185638 Orc (10 months ago)
the outpost reminds me of fallout a lot am i the only one ??
Tontino Gaming (10 months ago)
That’s so like fallout holy sh*t 0:30
Meclan Dorgan (10 months ago)
Underground Bunker ---- Place you must breach and clear to get end game loot like metal face/chest pieces, rockets, C4, aks, 3rd workbench etc. You would have to find the Underground Bunker first Its entrance would be in a monument You have to kill scientists or find loot boxes to get 4 different keycards; blue, red, yellow and white White keycard will allow you to open the entrance to bunker while the other doors you must find once in the Underground Bunker. You will attacked by waves of scientist as you look for these doors The doors will lead into a waiting room with an elevator the white keycard will be used to use the elevator there will be 3 different levels you must clear to get to the safe room The safe room is where you will get the end game loot you must blow up the vault door to access the loot while defending it from scientists You must create a party before you get to enter Everyone in your group must sign into a keypad that will record your in game name Once you add all the people in your group you must click the create party button The difficulty of breaching the Underground Bunker will be determined on how many people are in your party The Underground Bunker will on lock down until the group currently signed in reaches the surface with their loot and logs out
Mitch Schaaf (10 months ago)
Looks really cool, but I don't like how you can hide and the timer goes down. Seems really easy to camp a corner and wait for some poor curious bastard to walk by and shoot him, then wait a minute or two and loot him. I think if you pull your weapon out for 4 seconds, you die; or shoot once, you die. The people of Rust come up with some really slimy shit to get away with stuff they're not supposed to, so you can never be too careful when designing something like this.
Z (10 months ago)
I'm totally gonna throw frag grenades over the wall :D
HamesAlwaysWins (10 months ago)
i like the idea of it but i fucking hate the recycler means people with no lifes at 2 in the morning can recycle there while protected and no1 to stop them lel
benjamin adamson (10 months ago)
This was a great video SirShadowWinterFax!
tyler fletcher (10 months ago)
Great place for all your snowflakes. Head to the safe zone to feel comfortable lol
Alex-Didrih Pulst (10 months ago)
they need too ad a huge ship
LoL Brothers (10 months ago)
there is a tier 2 :D
Tyler Finley (10 months ago)
Is this in the game now
Little Caesers Higo (10 months ago)
It reminds me of the trading posts in the dayz mod variations. Great concept and always ends up being fun. The risk of dying to a camper outside the walls when you bought something will add some new exciting depth and interactions to rust.
GoldenRush (10 months ago)
The interaction of a bullet and a head, yes
Jeremy (10 months ago)
This new Roblox update looks aggro af
Jordy Batters (10 months ago)
i like the idea...a good place to chat with other players without having to worry about getting shit on..its def gonna help the weaker pvp solo players too..but yeah overall i like..

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