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Ryan Reynolds & Jake Gyllenhaal Answer the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED

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'Life' stars Ryan Reynolds and Jake Gyllenhaal waste some time with WIRED and answer the Internet's most searched questions about themselves. Does Ryan Reynolds have a twin brother? Did Jake Gyllenhaal climb Mount Everest? Watch this WIRED Autocomplete Interview to find out! Still haven’t subscribed to WIRED on YouTube? ►► http://wrd.cm/15fP7B7 ABOUT WIRED WIRED is where tomorrow is realized. Through thought-provoking stories and videos, WIRED explores the future of business, innovation, and culture. Ryan Reynolds & Jake Gyllenhaal Answer the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED
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Text Comments (10172)
Keith N (3 hours ago)
Lmao @ 1:59
The Queer Bear (5 hours ago)
6:10 "hi pinkie" HE'S ADORABLE
prblm (7 hours ago)
ryan is so edgy omg
prashant didule (9 hours ago)
i come every month for this video
Kristopher Ryan (10 hours ago)
Okay there should be a threesome. These 2 with Ryan Gosling. That will break the internet. And cause the panties of every girl between 14-45 to drop their underwear. Yes I know this is inappropriate.
Nelly Hardin (11 hours ago)
I love how Ryan has the personality of Deadpool, even when not playing Deadpool. That just the type of personality he has.
Maliyah B (12 hours ago)
0:53 Jake is legit dying with that laugh omgg
David Griffith (12 hours ago)
I'd rather watch an hour and fifty minutes of this than the movie there promoting.
Fausto Olivares (15 hours ago)
Deadpool and Mysterio
JustCallMeBo (15 hours ago)
*Did anyone call the number?* 😂
Ronnie tuliszewski (16 hours ago)
Donnie darko And Deadpool in the same room. Coooool.
Nick Norton (17 hours ago)
baby pandas
Mark M (19 hours ago)
Jake is so excited
Andrew Naylor (19 hours ago)
Bring them back! this time for an hour!
Alma Saon (21 hours ago)
Ryan Renolds is the only person who can consistently make me laugh until I cry. Thank you for presenting this glorious opportunity.
Kenu protada (22 hours ago)
Impossible for me to listen to Ryan talk without picturing Deadpool sometimes 😭
dark9raven (23 hours ago)
That moment when u realize u got no answers at all lmao
AvatarOdin (23 hours ago)
Hearing Jake Gyllenhaal say Bad & Boujee is cool is the whitest thing I've ever heard and I love it
Delaina Lorac (1 day ago)
Gyllenhaal is a Sagittarius but close enough
Carlos G (1 day ago)
Jake is insanely shy!
Khairiez Faiz (1 day ago)
It's Deadpool and Mysterio answering Google questions
Difa febrianti (1 day ago)
I really REALLY can't get enough of this interview
moshe garber (1 day ago)
whos here only for ryan Reynolds
Mashable (1 day ago)
My doesn't pull outta anything 😅😅 2:00
Elia Goldman (1 day ago)
this is legit my favourite interview of anyone ever
Gustaf Söderling (1 day ago)
Oh no, they missed a question!
Comic Culture (1 day ago)
Am I the only one who thinks Ryan Reynolds looks like Marc Webb in the thumbnail ? No just me ? Okay.
Giovanni Garcia (1 day ago)
Fuckin Ryan 💀💀
Bilbobagins K (1 day ago)
I feel, well I knew itd be hilarious..I mean it's them.. didn't think I'd find it like discovering puberty...I swear if I sat in s chair between these two I'd explode lol
Jeremy Harris (1 day ago)
I had fun, but I learnt nothing.
Marcelino Castillo (1 day ago)
Raw me
Yeeteth (1 day ago)
Ryan Reynolds’ dad is *not* a quitter.
The Author (1 day ago)
I can't stop watching this video.
DONK (1 day ago)
5:05 made me spit out my mead and spray my monitor.
TMD Awesome (1 day ago)
Deadpool and Mysterio!
Emily Sorano (1 day ago)
this is the interview when i finally realized that jake gyllenhaal is incredibly chaotic as opposed to reserved and contemplative
MacAusty1108 (1 day ago)
Does RR have tattoos? Lol look at his left wrist.
Elite 10s 1st Seat (1 day ago)
Never thought DeadPool and Mysterio would be bestfriends.
Alexander Fender (1 day ago)
4:36 me, procrastinating all my responsibilities by watching this video one hundred times
Aidrin Nelson (1 day ago)
love them
Reuben Jassal Films (1 day ago)
Deadpool and Mysterio
koji (2 days ago)
3:26 he also died on everest
julius wordie (2 days ago)
😂😂😂 Ryan:Do know who does my stunts ? Jake:who? Ryan: Tom cruise
Aruna K (2 days ago)
lmao!!!! so funny
alexis salinas (2 days ago)
i’m crying
Uchechi Ohanu (2 days ago)
Two fine men
maddie fashion (2 days ago)
Ryan Reynolds is so funny and I loved the deadpool movies
Dexter Lai (2 days ago)
Why am I seeing this now? They are hilarious! #2019
Adam Turnbull (2 days ago)
I'd happily watch a hours of this
Conor Leddy (2 days ago)
Deadpool and mysteryo google themselves******
Sean Collins (3 days ago)
Deadpool & Mysterio
Levent A (3 days ago)
Are they dating?
Pro Leoj (3 days ago)
Hey Mysterious and Deadpool together
They're such a mood
caroline (3 days ago)
i love them together
Petrol_Head (3 days ago)
Who else wanted them to actually answer these questions?
Black Okabe (3 days ago)
Who’s here after watching the awesome fishbowl?
Van Helsing (3 days ago)
Deadpool and Mysterio❤
torilee (3 days ago)
*”your parents let you be in a movie called A Dangerous Woman?”* omg I love him so much
SmolDerpBean (3 days ago)
the funny thing is, is at the end of my applied tech class (end of first semester and then my elective changed for the second semester), we watched October Sky. but wait, theres more. for my next elective, which is Special Science Topics (essentially hardcore applied tech) we started the semester off by also watching October Sky. so, yay(?)
Martina Rojas (3 days ago)
I love them so much
nah fool (3 days ago)
“Let’s waste more life” big mood
# Reb3L.com (3 days ago)
After watching Spidey 2 trailer
Brandon Mccahill (4 days ago)
Deadpool and mysterio
itsahurricane (4 days ago)
God, their voices are so similar
Anime Pro (4 days ago)
Christian Salgado (4 days ago)
Deadpool and Mysterio Together
Denise Parungao (4 days ago)
Jake couldn't resist all the wrong answers that Ryan is giving about him hahaha
Amariah Jardine (4 days ago)
Dose have tattoo 5:58
Daniflips06 (4 days ago)
i clicked on this video bc i though jake gyllenhaul was john krasinski! 😂
Érica B (5 days ago)
Why did I thought they would answer seriously? lol they're gold
fathin fathia achmad (5 days ago)
What is Ryan Reynolds mean? Jake : an idiot 🤣
i almost forgot to watch this today
Melisa Sueldo (5 days ago)
i loved the tom cruise part
Lia Moriuchi (5 days ago)
"My dad, he doesn't pull out of anything."
morskakoza (5 days ago)
Im disappointed cus they didnt actually give any serious answer
Aadil Farooqui (6 days ago)
Jake Gyllenhaal "Come on One More One More, This is so...This is Fun" 🤣🤣 "They're like Four Hundred More Cards, Let's Waste More Life" 🤣🤣🤣 It's Like They are Having the Time of his Life, and I am Mine Watching Them
Leto MOORE (6 days ago)
i ate my big brother or sister in the woom
Zoey Renee (6 days ago)
homie goals lol
heros bazaar art (6 days ago)
Never realized how cute Ryan Reynolds is... until now.
bloo jkl45 (6 days ago)
Great chemistry!
Crème De La Crème (6 days ago)
Jakes were somehow so much more wholesome.
Gemma Wenborn (6 days ago)
Ryan Reynolds is soooooo amazing! I wish I knew why Scarlett Johansson broke up with him because they are the hilarious couple.
pcsaysso (6 days ago)
1:35 The funny thing is that Jake's dad is the director of that film LOL
someoneprobably (7 days ago)
6:11.. *Pffft* More like 10:11 This is one of those videos I can't watch without constantly rewinding bits _over and over again_
kakashi hatake (7 days ago)
My mind talking to my conciensce feels like this
Alan SW (7 days ago)
Ryan: I ate my twin brother in the womb Jake: 😐
Benjamin McNeill (7 days ago)
Im sorry but that Tom Cruise comment was brilliant.
pheba100 (7 days ago)
i like ryan a lot ! he is funny asf... but! does he ever be serious ? i mean no one will take him seriously after this ballon will pop up...
High pinky
Denise Parungao (7 days ago)
July Stylez (7 days ago)
I laughed before I started the video
AJ 7232 (7 days ago)
All the more that comes up when I google myself is a haunted hotel
Kelsey crandell (7 days ago)
I came in wanting answers to these questions and got none of them lmao
Laura Laaneorg (7 days ago)
what kind of crack were they on and where can i get some
La_Trolette (7 days ago)
21whichiswhich (8 days ago)
Azat Polat (8 days ago)
Keşke 2 side olümsüz olsa

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