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7 Days to Die | Trading Posts (NPC Traders/Vending Machines) Location Guide "Navezgane" PS4/Xbox One

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★Enjoy the video? Subscribe ❤️ for more ► http://bit.ly/SEGSubscribe ★Please don't forget to click the Bell 🔔 to enable notifications. The location of all of the 5 trading posts in Navezgane map. Each trading post include 1 Trader and Rentable Vending Machines. Added to PS4 & Xbox One with the latest patch 1.16. NOTICE: The trading posts open at: 6:05 and close at: 21:50. Players loitering inside the compound after close of business will automatically be teleported outside of the compound 7 Days to Die is a survival horror video game set in an open world developed by The Fun Pimps. The game's events happen after a nuclear Third World War that destroyed an extremely large part of the world, except for some areas such as the fictional county of Navezgane, Arizona. The player is a survivor of the war who must survive by finding shelter, food and water, as well as scavenging supplies to fend off the numerous zombies (hinted to be the consequence of nuclear fallout) that populate Navezgane.
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Text Comments (41)
Thx so much bro great locations to show
Lucas Powell (1 month ago)
Can't tell really where
Lucas Powell (1 month ago)
Need to see more map
Jodie Reid (2 months ago)
Trader Joel is my favorite
Doug Simpson (8 months ago)
I subscribed just cause of this video!!! Thanks a lot!!!!!
Nathan Boyle (1 year ago)
I thought my world didn't have it, until I stepped in a land mine. =(
SKYEAGLE (1 year ago)
espnz _ (1 year ago)
I’m so confused,I know there’s traders on my Navezgame map since when I click on an item I can see the sell price but when I go to a location that says there’s a trader there there’s none and I’ve been to all 5 locations!!!
SKYEAGLE (1 year ago)
Did you try to start a new Navezgane world? if you didn't start a new world after the patch you will have problems with the traders. hope this help buddy :)
Clappo (1 year ago)
Hey man i subbed youve got really good content
SKYEAGLE (1 year ago)
Thanks for the support buddy! :)
RS KILLAH (1 year ago)
Unfortunately ur cords are wrong
VirginiaReaper (11 months ago)
espnz _ Well that was gonna be my next advice. And ok man, just wanted to help. Glad you got it fixed though.
espnz _ (11 months ago)
VirginiaReaper I already made a new game so everything is ok
VirginiaReaper (11 months ago)
espnz _ Are you playing on PC or Ps4? I think this gameplay is on the Ps4. Not sure if that matters or not. Also are you playing on the most updated version of the game, on whatever platform you are playing on?
espnz _ (1 year ago)
SkyEagleGaming Hey I need your help I went to the places where the traders should be but they’re not there and I’m on patch and I know there’s traders since when I click on an item it shows the cost price
SKYEAGLE (1 year ago)
No, they are not. Update your game to Patch 1.16. Restart the game. Create a new Navezgane world (Very important) and these coordinates will work for you. These will not work with random gen worlds. ;)
Gaming Wolf (1 year ago)
Finally I know where on PS4 they are.
Gaming Wolf (1 year ago)
SkyEagleGaming Ohhhh. I updated the game but it wouldn't work, it was jist because I didn't start a new world. Now it works. 😀😀😀😉😉😉
SKYEAGLE (1 year ago)
Sorry for the late reply, don't know what's wrong with Youtube notifications. Anyway you have to update your game to 1.16 and create a new world (Navezgane) and you will find them for sure. :)
Gaming Wolf (1 year ago)
SkyEagleGaming *DAMMIT* I checked and it didn't show up.
SKYEAGLE (1 year ago)
Enjoy bro :)
ADHDetard (1 year ago)
4 years and 1/2 years in the game and they finally decided to put this crap in here...... About time 😒
SKYEAGLE (1 year ago)
Better late than never ;)
SPEEDCLUB (1 year ago)
Nice now I can get my miner helmet back and kill zombies at midnight
SKYEAGLE (1 year ago)
Good luck survivor! :)
Maclues (1 year ago)
fucking awesome
SKYEAGLE (1 year ago)
Enjoy man! :)
Chris Stainer (1 year ago)
do i need to start a new game first or can i load my saved data
SKYEAGLE (1 year ago)
Yes, to experience all of these new features you will have to you start a new game.
Tdog plays (1 year ago)
Trader Joel by far has the best base.
Tdog plays (1 year ago)
SkyEagleGaming Interesting, I didn't know that. There's your answer Daniel lol
SKYEAGLE (1 year ago)
The trading posts open at: 6:05 and close at: 21:50. Players loitering inside the compound after close of business will automatically be teleported outside of the compound.
daniel payne (1 year ago)
Tdog plays when i go to a trading post it just teleports me away and wont let me in
TNT Playz (1 year ago)
SKYEAGLE (1 year ago)
Hi :)

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