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BEAT ANY ESCAPE ROOM- 10 proven tricks and tips

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10 tips to dominate any Escape room- Prepare your brain for the Escape room using Brilliant.org. First 200 people get 20% off!! http://brilliant.org/markrober EXTRA INF0- -Check out Dr. Nicholson's website here for more juicy stuff- http://scottnicholson.com -8 roles for players- http://bgnlab.ca/blog/2018/8/28/the-eight-roles-for-escape-room-success.html -This is the escape room I filmed in. They were awesome to work with. If you live in Silicon Valley this is the perfect spot (not all Escape Rooms are created equal)- http://playliveescape.com/ -This is the harder room that looked like a castle- https://exit2escape.com MUSIC- 0:07- New Shoes- Blue Wednesday - https://soundcloud.com/bluewednesday/ 1:23- Spark- Maxwell Young- https://soundcloud.com/maxwell_young 2:08- The Ocean- Andrew Applepie- http://andrewapplepie.com/ 6:33- Cereal Killa- Blue Wednesday - https://soundcloud.com/bluewednesday/ 8:30- Breakfast- Andrew Applepie- http://andrewapplepie.com/ 10:57- Q- Blue Wednesday - https://soundcloud.com/bluewednesday/ 11:49- Too Happy to be cool by Notebreak- https://soundcloud.com/notebreak/dubstep-too-happy-to-be-cool Summary: I visited Dr. Scott Nicholson in Brantford, ON Canada since he is the world expert in Escape Room design. After meeting with him for a day here are the 10 tips I came away with to beat any escape room: 1. Think simple 2. Searching 3. Organize your stuff 4. Focus on what is stopping you 5. Team roles 6. Lock types 7. Code types 8. Written clues 9. Look for patterns 10. Your guide is your friend MERCH- They are soft- https://teespring.com/stores/markrober PLEASE CONSIDER SUBSCRIBING: http://tinyurl.com/MarkRober-Sub ****************************************­ I make videos like this once a month all year long while supplies last: CHECK OUT MY CHANNEL: http://tinyurl.com/MarkRober-YouTube FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/MarkRoberYouTube TWITTER: https://twitter.com/#!/MarkRober INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/markrober/
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Text Comments (5479)
Mark Rober (9 months ago)
Prepare to sharpen your brain pencil for the next 12 minutes and 11 seconds. Thanks for watching guys. I'm on Twitter and Instagram @markrober.
Noey rW (11 days ago)
How do you solve the puzzle at 4:45 ?
ZJ Perry (20 days ago)
Cool. I’ll try it
Ultra GokuYugiSans (1 month ago)
The message is hello on the hyrogriphlics
wally grafe (1 month ago)
Oh I'll give my pencil brain
KKryptic (1 month ago)
ArcTic Sky812 he uploads typically once every one or two months
walrus (9 hours ago)
I came here for locked up girls trying to escape. I'm reporting
needmoreramsay (10 hours ago)
I see a lot of 666 hand signs
Mason Lopez (18 hours ago)
Thanks for the information I happen to be going to a escape room later today
Just did an escape room last night. This SO works. It was THE hardest around, and no one, except for one person had been to an escape room. Myself, and one other lesson had ever watched this video, but we like "tutored" everyone else, and gave them tips. We didn't get out in time, but we were on the very last step, and almost made it. Thanks so much for this awesome video. 😁
Did any one else notice, the studio c sticker on the door in the background?
Adi Diy (1 day ago)
One time we went to an escape room and they had o give us an extra 15 minutes because it was malfunctioning (idk if I spelled right?) Also at 8:00, is that Grant from TKOR!?
GAMIMG HUSKIES (2 days ago)
I live in Brantford and the only interesting thing is Wayne
Mike Jones (2 days ago)
Love the *3 Blue 1 Brown* π Plushie lol
Bubble Girl (2 days ago)
I'm doing an escape room next week... Hope this'll help
GTAHomeGuy (3 days ago)
Can confirm colourblind was an issue lol.
Winterdeath101 (3 days ago)
What if it says a one tenter
weenydoodle (3 days ago)
Did anyone else notice the travel montage music at 1:25 said "Paul Denino" aka Ice poseidon
Jimmy Nahlous (3 days ago)
I'm building a full scale turret! Even Gabe Newell himself liked it :D I put a video on my channel.
Wenbo Li (4 days ago)
I saw 3blue1brown's stuffed pi
Betty V. (4 days ago)
I've only ever done one escape room and it was with a couple girls from my girl scout troop. We were on the last thing, which was morse code that gave the code for the door. It would've been fine since we had a good five-six minutes left and it was only four numbers, but the sheet was locked in a box that we hadn't been able to open yet so we had no idea how to figure out the numbers. Someone unlocked the box at like a minute thirty and we managed to get out with five seconds left. That escape room triggered my anxiety and I ended up just suffering the whole time -w-
That is so funny. I would have been so frustrated.
Thomas Halverson III (5 days ago)
Who else watched this out of pure fear of being stuck in an escape room.
Nicholas Burr (5 days ago)
Julia Ng (5 days ago)
I've been in an escape room that once you solved a certain puzzle a hidden door would open. It open so fast that It scared me so much i cried
Jt Jt (6 days ago)
Twisted Miles (6 days ago)
i bet you all was hoping to see some Jigsaw stuff
Crash Hazzard (6 days ago)
Yes, colorblindness sucks. Thats why I work the rooms instead of escaping from them.
tea (6 days ago)
he literally just made a big trip to Canada when he could have just called
Plus, I think he would not have gotten the complete picture, if he just called.
Michael J (5 days ago)
He’s rich lol
xmomo39 999 (6 days ago)
I am going to an escape room tomorrow thanks :)
@xmomo39 999 oh, yes. That is so cool.
xmomo39 999 (1 day ago)
Pics and Psaltery Studios yes and it was a lot of fun thanks for asking :D
How did it go? Did you escape?
Flognop (7 days ago)
8:30 there.
td206D3 (7 days ago)
Love your channel. Great editing, very interesting content.
Just a Random Gamer (8 days ago)
8:40 5 of the words are missing the letter E, one I, one scentance has two spaces after the period, and of course there is the double enter at the end.it took me maybe 20 seconds with the video paused to find this.
thunder (8 days ago)
I remember one day I was at a really hard escape room with some friends, and we had just figured out the last part of the puzzle.. So then we were entering the final numbers into the last lock (the room was done once it was opened) and like 3 numbers in our time ran out I wanted to rip out my hair lmao
DiamondGuy34 (8 days ago)
Time to ruin my work Christmas party.
Annoying Mouse (8 days ago)
Kaya rafi ahmad anjer wkokwok
Nhut Hao Tieu (9 days ago)
LockPickingLawyer joined the game
Swaggerman 69 (9 days ago)
Holy crap this is actually sold advice. Next time , i’ll get my friends and we’ll try to go through one of these escape rooms Oh wait
Swaggerman 69 (1 day ago)
1000 Subcribers with no videos i have no friends
Oh wait what?
Future Billionaire (9 days ago)
Paul Denino 👏😂
Timemaster111 (9 days ago)
Lol this isn’t any of the best tip “on the least digit there are only ten combos” Smh Just crack the lock from the start, for example pull down the lock, find the one with the most friction etc.
9:32 is 547
Platano Man (9 days ago)
No one: Nobody ever: Song: “Palms and knee sound, Palms and knee sounds, Palms and knee sounds, Palms and knees Palms and knees, Palms and knee sounds, oof oof.
Purple Cornbread (10 days ago)
One time I went to a escape room on my birthday and somebody messed with one if my clocks and we never got out because it wasn’t the right time and it was so annoying lol
Blindly Going (10 days ago)
Good that you flagged up accessibility for people who are colour blind.
cringe storm O.o (10 days ago)
1:24 it sounds like they're saying 'balls and neesauns"
Koorikid (10 days ago)
Gimme your pin # mofo (11 days ago)
Ever heard of "Bullet-Ball"?..
Bria Hogan (11 days ago)
Honestly, your travel montages make me so happy.
Noey rW (11 days ago)
How do you solve the 3 Letters and the 2 Numbers at minute 4:45
Gyre Brillig (12 days ago)
We have a 2-minute escape challenge here in the dells.
George ST2007 (12 days ago)
Magic the gathering arena of the planes walkers
George ST2007 (12 days ago)
Board games in the back ground Xcom!
Gweegy Heard (13 days ago)
We didn’t get on the leaderboards once because we used a clue. We forgot bc was going lower not higher.
جميل جدا
Crystal Mitchell (13 days ago)
Fizzy Wizzy (13 days ago)
There was this escape room where you needed to find 7 items called cores to escape. You could get up to 9, because there were 2 puzzles that you could fail. One of them was you could turn the gear left or right. Of course someone got it wrong. Somehow, another person stuck 2 Expo markers together and pushed the core out, so we got it. 😁 Another time there was this whole crazy lazer pointer puzzle. We spent probably 15 minutes on it thinking it would point to something on a wall, and it turns out it was totally unnecessary.
UseCode: Lazar (14 days ago)
Who didn’t even know what an escape room was before the vid
Zerandom Games (14 days ago)
#mark at the horseshoe falls
Zerandom Games (14 days ago)
Megan Esp (14 days ago)
Your travel was more like... seven seconds
Don't worry about it (15 days ago)
It's like portal, but easy
Randy Baker (15 days ago)
lasttime i did a sescape room the guy laffed at me never doin it a gen humileeating.
Randy Baker (15 days ago)
im smart
Randy Baker (15 days ago)
did rally good thoug
UMARU CHAN (15 days ago)
I like how he explain
Blank Blank (16 days ago)
6:45 those locks are master locks and look easy to pick, i'll bring LPL and voila.
Shane (16 days ago)
There is an escape room in orlando FL that the entire room is a red herring, there are real clues, real codes to decifer, the key is taped to the door knob and the same color as the door knob
TurboBOV (16 days ago)
wow they made esscape room from roblox into a real thing
Dean Gooding (16 days ago)
one of the escape rooms i did had a clue behind a plug (a hinged plug socket)
Dean Gooding (16 days ago)
one of the escape rooms i did had a clue behind a plug (a hinged plug socket)
Alex Murdoch (16 days ago)
Love the advice, thanks for the help. I also love the auto-generated captions/subtitles. At 5:42 the subtitle reads "But the one that semen was critical in our experience was project manager" LOL!
Brooke Walker (17 days ago)
Just had to put that Timmies shot in there lol ice caps are the greatest
Pikkiwoki (17 days ago)
Carlos J Calderon Jr (17 days ago)
I was so happy he showed a flyby of Buffalo,ny
Matt Boi (17 days ago)
I KNOW! CALL THE COPS AND SAY YOU’RE BEING HELD HOSTAGE! used it many times and it really works
Claude Brown (17 days ago)
tim hortons sucks
bagelmanb (18 days ago)
What is the Braille-esque code shown at 8:17? It looks like Braille but every other resource online I see for the Braille alphabet shows something different (i.e. A is encoded with just 1 dot in braille, but the chart at 8:17 shows it using 3 dots).
sonic1556 (18 days ago)
I won my first escape room, and me and my friend (singular friend out of many there) did most of the work. Keyword ‘most’, as we didn’t do ALL of it.
JoeShmo (19 days ago)
So, at 9:33, why did he go with blue first? he said go in order which would be 1,3,4,6 if in ascending order, or 6,4,3,1 if descending order right?
Jesús Uzcanga (19 days ago)
The trip is 12 hours and the video is 12 minutes and 11 seconds ;-;
TisITheFrenchiestFry _ (19 days ago)
Referring to the number ciphers, the first one I did we couldn’t figure it out because none of the numbers matched up with the corresponding letter in the alphabet in a way that made sense. Turns out, there was a little ring we had to find, with the alphabet on the front and then a little spinner with a hole that contained a corresponding number. So if a number cipher isn’t matching up right, there maybe be something like that ring that you have to find!!
TheIronCrafted Crafter (19 days ago)
Bruh u were at my local Tim hortons
Rachel Charles (20 days ago)
Wow how to make GAMES?!?!?!?! 😎
Pipo De Clown (21 days ago)
At 6:43 and 6:47 you say combination lock. But, you show permutation locks. At 7:05 you indeed have a combination lock. Strange error for an engineer.
Soul Alchemy (21 days ago)
No cheating
ShiJie 12311 (21 days ago)
4.1k people who didnt make it out disliked the video and is waiting for rescue
MIGUEL MARTINEZ (21 days ago)
Rober: I Knew I could make it there in just a six second travel montage Me: *counts 8 to 10 seconds*
MIGUEL MARTINEZ (21 days ago)
Esteban Harris (21 days ago)
Beat @ 1:24??
Montana (21 days ago)
Hi there :) I am an Escape Game employee in Murfreesboro Tennessee. I just wanted to add on here that when you are done with your locks and keys— you should just leave the locks on the hooks they came off of (when you have finished with the lock) and the key (if it had one) in the lock 🔐. When we reset these rooms and have to search for locks and keys it’s time consuming and unnecessary. But Escape Games are so much fun! You all should try them!
Army Cabbage (22 days ago)
The word code with boxes says “Hello”
Xavier Aids (22 days ago)
1:17 I see your problem and thankfully I have a easy solution. DELETE CALIFORNIA
Benjamin Hosein (22 days ago)
it was 9 seconds, not 6!!!!!!!!! RAGE!
Alpha Gaming (22 days ago)
Am is colorblind
Josephine FURR (22 days ago)
This guy reminds me of Noah Centineo and I don't know why
anouk ferwerda (22 days ago)
while we were in a escape room we couldn’t crack the puzzle. but i had a plan , so i just whispered to everyone to act with me . so i yelled “yess finally we go it!!!” everyone acted happy and relieved. the door opened after 50 minutes 🎉
jeremy balsley (23 days ago)
Most diverse group of friends ever.
Boxish (23 days ago)
The number of people thing is sad because the rooms I have available, if you don’t fill the cap, then they fill the rest with randoms
flim flam (23 days ago)
The point of an escape room is to test your intelligence and problem solving abilities through a series of clues/tests. If you lookup tips and tricks before doing one doesn't that ruin the point? It's like buying a video game to google every question you have instead of figuring it out on your own through playing. next they'll be selling escape room strategy guides in the waiting room for an escape room.
Kairo Tae (23 days ago)
Good job you got to experience Tim Hortons
Sickle (23 days ago)
What happens when you're expected to know Morse Code?
Oskar Haehl (24 days ago)
I have a 3 man tent
Lourica Neal (24 days ago)
Shoot me and my crew escaped with only 15 minutes left and no clues so I am sure we don't need any help at all. Lol
Sterty (24 days ago)
Yes! Finally! A video where I can ruin my fun mystery experience! Thanks so much mark! But I think there are a couple things that could be better. Like your ideas could be better such as Taking th clock on the wall and bash it against the lock over and over until it breaks.
Aliandra Yorgason (24 days ago)
studio c reference coming up... you just need to pull the snake lever five times!
X1x Viper (24 days ago)
5:12 looks like Ronaldo
BananaLease (24 days ago)
These tips saved us, thank you
GoodGachaGamer37 (24 days ago)
Me and my friends did an escape room which was known as the hardest in the state when we where all 11 -12 years old and beat it
Pickle Boi (24 days ago)
Watching in May 2019 anyone?

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